Story of Data API of hasura and postman


In the previous blog, I talked about hasura API and postman working. That talk was only for authentication part. In this blog, we talk about data API of hasura platform. Before the "/" you must add you working external data API link endpoint.  Data service exposes query at the endpoint /v1/query. A simple query operation … Continue reading Story of Data API of hasura and postman


Android Studio : Upgrading Gradle and Its Plugin


Hey there, you might have caught in error message in Android Studio. Here, it says Plugin is too old, please update to a more recent version, or set ANDROID_DAILY_OVERRIDE environment variable to “XXXX” Here, it also stops working. This starts giving pain and delays your work. Tackling this is simple if you know how to … Continue reading Android Studio : Upgrading Gradle and Its Plugin

RAM a working table for all apps


Think of the file system and its files as a big cabinet with lots of physical folders in an office of bureaucrats. The sheets in the folders are arranged in fixed ways such that every bureaucrat knows exactly where to expect which information before taking the folder out of the cabinet. Not let us assume … Continue reading RAM a working table for all apps

Principles of Public Key Cryptosystems

The important principle of public key cryptosystems is : It should be computationally infeasible to determine the decryption key given only knowledge of the cryptographic algorithm and the encryption key. In addition to above principle, there are other key points as follows: Either of the two related keys can be used for encryption, with the other … Continue reading Principles of Public Key Cryptosystems

Showcasing RoomLord: The Final App

Here, I am going to give you a tour of my final app: RoomLord hosted on my local PC with hasura local development. This is my app link if you wish to visit. But, in case my PC is turned off here is a quick tour of my web app. The above slideshow represents the … Continue reading Showcasing RoomLord: The Final App

User feedback and testing of RoomLord

My project was of three screens/pages except pages for login and signup. I keep it up and running during 5 PM to 12 PM at location I also try to make it available for other times as well. So, I am fully up for testing my app and taking feedback. You can also comment here too. … Continue reading User feedback and testing of RoomLord