Showcasing RoomLord: The Final App

Here, I am going to give you a tour of my final app: RoomLord hosted on my local PC with hasura local development. This is my app link if you wish to visit. But, in case my PC is turned off here is a quick tour of my web app. The above slideshow represents the … Continue reading Showcasing RoomLord: The Final App


User feedback and testing of RoomLord

My project was of three screens/pages except pages for login and signup. I keep it up and running during 5 PM to 12 PM at location I also try to make it available for other times as well. So, I am fully up for testing my app and taking feedback. You can also comment here too. … Continue reading User feedback and testing of RoomLord

App screen 3 (UI + Backend integration)

Developing last page for my project.