Showcasing RoomLord: The Final App

Here, I am going to give you a tour of my final app: RoomLord hosted on my local PC with hasura local development. This is my app link if you wish to visit. But, in case my PC is turned off here is a quick tour of my web app.

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The above slideshow represents the homepage. Here, you will get general information about the web app. Especially, how to visit and interact inside pages.

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This slideshow represents login and signup page structure. The HOME button here sends back you to the homepage in case you want to go back. The signup and login pages are interlinked. You can jump easily from one to another.

Screenshot from 2017-07-23 19-26-39

The above page comes after you logged in. Here, you can search your places. The result will show you best available matches from the database. When you have got proper places and want to check the rooms in detail, you have to click the result row. It will send you to the next page. In the top-right corner, there is drop-down. It will give you options to log out.

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This page will fetch you all the details related to rooms. It will also show you some images related to rooms. You can view room in every detail.

Watch my video to see the web app action. Please use subtitle while watching: –

This is my final app. It is said that “There is always a chance to improve”. So, despite being it my final app, I will be improving it. Keep smiling because someone else will also smile by seeing you.


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