Android Studio : Upgrading Gradle and Its Plugin


Hey there, you might have caught in error message in Android Studio. Here, it says

Plugin is too old, please update to a more recent version, or set ANDROID_DAILY_OVERRIDE environment variable to “XXXX”

Here, it also stops working. This starts giving pain and delays your work. Tackling this is simple if you know how to do it. So, here we are ->

1. Upgrading Gradle

Go to and change


Refer this link always before changing to get latest or which version you need. The change you need to perform is change underlined part only by the new one. So, this update may also need new plugin.

After this you must clean and rebuild the project.

2. Upgrading Gradle Plugin

Go to build.gradle and perform a change in

classpath ‘

Refer this link to find out newest versions of Gradle plugin. Now change the underlined part as  you need them. After this you must clean and rebuild the project.

3. Solving the error without updating gradle and its plugin

You may need set an environment variable with the specified value. On OSX this looks as follows:

launchctl setenv ANDROID_DAILY_OVERRIDE <your-value-on-error-message>

Afterwards, clean the project, restart AS, and build again.



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