User feedback and testing of RoomLord

My project was of three screens/pages except pages for login and signup. I keep it up and running during 5 PM to 12 PM at location I also try to make it available for other times as well. So, I am fully up for testing my app and taking feedback. You can also comment here too.

Before writing this blog I got some valuable feedback from a fellow intern at the slack channel. My last page was not loading all images. I was already suspicious about that as it was loading too many images with high resolution. One source of the image was from the previous test of HTML and one was from filestore of hasura. The file store was being triggered only after the query was successful.

To overcome the problem, I just hide that part and removed static image links. It will be shown only if the query is properly done and links to images are set. Now, there is no laggy performance.

Sometimes, filestore breaks my expose by saying Server failed to allocate tunnel: The tunnel is already registered. So, before starting expose, I have to go to<any-file-id>. After that, it works fine.

Well, except these setbacks my app has no problem till this date. I will post here if any changes need to mention. In my next blog, I will be showing you screenshots of my website. Till then 🙂


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