Working with Hasura API and POSTMAN

After creating tables and getting API for my project, I have check that everything is working fine or not. To do so, I needed a tool. The suggestions were many but I liked Postman. I am using its Google Chrome app. It is quite handy when comes to check your API.


This is the app look. In this app, you can select the type of request and set your own API link. You can also select which type of body is. For example, application/json or text. These are a just only tip of an iceberg that I was able to unearth in short time. But, I am sure there is a lot of under the ocean.

Since hasura provides its own API links, so to work with hasura, you need its link. You can find all the links in the documentation. Some of them (which I suppose is good to know in one shot) is here.


These are the links which explain by itself that what they do. This is the link for the documentation. Since hasura is still improving itself at every day, so you will get the latest information about links and how to use them directly from there. The above part only contains the link for authentication. Before you have to add your API external endpoint. That will complete above links. Next blog I will be doing for data API of hasura. Till then 🙂


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