Setting Development Environment of projects.

This is a very general issue of software development. In this, we need to address the requirement of the development environment. The development environment needs to choose from as basic as os to the final development tools. In modern days, we are nearly free to choose our environment of the development.

The project of hasura has some constraints over hardware. It needs a 64bit system to run in first place. It needs a virtual machine to work. If the project is related to Android and hasura, you might also need to setup environment for Android too.

I prefer and it is recommended that you must use those tools which have a considerable amount of community users. If not then you might face problems which will take too much time to fix. For starter, Ubuntu is recommended as Operating System. It has the largest community and many stable OS versions to choose from.

For Android dev environment, you can use Eclipse or Android Studio, but Android Studio has many more good features to choose from. I will recommend choosing Android Studio. In Ubuntu, the best way to install Android Studio is using umake.

For hasura project, you need a virtual box and git tools to work and development. These are basic needs for hasura project environment.


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