Setting Hasura Local Development

Setting Hasura local development was a little bit tricky previously. But, after the update it became easy. I had followed the instruction of this. Everything was easy. There are some points that I would like to emphasize. These are related to some errors and mishappenings with me. These things might occur with you if you are new to setting local development.

  1. Hasura needs a virtual box. It is so because it runs all the file in virtual machine assuming it as a server.
  2. When you start hasura local it needs a constant connection to internet till 1 – 1.5 GB.
  3. If speed is slow then there is a chance that it disconnects. In that case, just clean the hasura local and start again.
    hasuractl local clean && hasuractl local start
  4. The clean command will just delete all data. It won’t delete anything else.
  5. The download of docker files will resume till the project synced.
  6. After that, you will get all the pods running.
  7. If any of the pods are missing, then only cleaning and starting hasura local will save time.
  8. If you have got the password from hasuractl and still unable to access the console, then above process must be applied to get working.

These were my findings that need to be addressed by users. See you again 🙂


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