Prototyping Idea of Internship

Ideas get their life only when we start working on them. In my case, making a prototype will give bones to my idea. Making wireframes of the site tells how will it look like.

On the slack team, we got some suggestions of using different wireframe making Softwares. I searched through all of the suggestion. Then, at one evening video session, we got to meet developer head. He was a guest to our session.

The is a good site to develop your idea into the interactive site design. It also has community base where you can share your wireframe and get feedback from all the community.

I learned it for my idea just by seeing some starting intro videos which helped through all the things I needed to know to work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is my work done on the app. The first screen is a pretty basic screen for sign-up and log-in. After clicking submit in log-in you will be at map screen which will give the option to search and provide the result of rooms available. You can also change the map view to list view. On clicking one of the rooms, you will go to next screen where details of the room will be represented. To view the images of the room, you need to click the “Click Here” in the row of Room images. In the last page, you will see all the images of the room with the caption stating front, back, sides etc.

This is my live link of wireframe on It will work till my account expires. The upcoming blog is about setting Hasura local development. Till then 🙂


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