Brainstorming an Idea for Internship

For the time being, I was searching an Idea for a  long time before the internship has started and IMAD was in the picture. I was not aware of many software development stages just till we got to study Software Engineering as a subject in college.

There were many points to take into account but, the most important was feasibility. Feasibility is a study of the idea in point things like can a developer will be able (in terms of resources, costs, knowledge etc) to make.

After talking with friends and getting their reviews on my idea, I found that it is feasible and as an intern, I can build it on my own.

My idea is named as RoomLord. 

The idea is driven to facilitate the students in such a way that they can get a room for rent when they go away from their home. This web app which will give hustle free search of rooms to students. They will also be able to choose the locality and the price of rooms as to their pocket.

Since the internship is hard paced so, we needed to finish it in three working screens except for log-in and sign-up. For that, I have to make wireframes to understand the management of pages.

In next blog post, I will write about my journey of wireframes and Till then 🙂


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