No-Fee, Stock-Trading App Robinhood Is Now On Android

13 Aug
No-Fee, Stock-Trading App Robinhood Is Now On Android


Zero-fee, stock-trading app Robinhood is now on Android. The app launched on iOS late last year and has grown to “hundreds of thousands of customers” and made over $1 billion in trades on the platform, according to the startup.

Robinhood estimates it has already saved those on the iOS platform more than $22 million in ETF, or stock-trading fees. It would like to continue doing so with Android users.

Android smartphone users nearly tie with iOS in the U.S., but the OS is particularly popular with younger generations and middle America. While stock-trading apps are nothing new on the open-source operating system, Robinhood’s new offering is an opportunity to capitalize on those users who likely want something that combines online stock without the fees with a simple and easy-to-understand design.


The Android app is similar in most ways to the iPhone version, with a few minor tweaks unique to each OS, such as Android Lollipop’s swipe-to-trade…

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