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The Web’s most popular blog tech right now is no longer TechCrunch, but social media blog Mashable. Founded in July 2005, Mashable is the largest and most popular blog focused on social networking. Besides relaying the latest news about Web 2.0 giants MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s loaded with tips on enhancing your own social networking experience (for example, how to delete the idiotic comments you made on YouTube so a potential employer doesn’t see them) and making your blog more user-friendly.

How’d Mashable and founder Pete Cashmore do it? With:

  • Solid content.
  • Lots of search engine-friendly “how-tos.”
  • Readers in the social media industry who share everything.
  • A dominating Twitter presence. Besides something called Tweetmeme, Mashable is the top shared site on Twitter.

Sharing is the main guiding principle of Mashable’s approach to news.With any story, a reporter or editor should be asking…

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