Biometric Security: From Selfies To Walking Gaits

10 Aug
Biometric Security: From Selfies To Walking Gaits


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The payments industry, facing the risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and various types of credit card fraud, has begun incorporating various types of biometric technology to enhance security and prevent breaches.

As recently reported, MasterCard is launching a facial recognition payment service based on “selfies” taken on a smartphone. This new technology features a photo scanner that creates a map of the shopper’s face, which is then translated into a code for confirmation of future payments.

For now, MasterCard customers must still use a password when making purchases via the “SecureCode” service, but soon a “selfie” from a smartphone will be enough to close transactions. This program is to be tested initially on 500 card users in the coming months. MasterCard stated that it also is working on a payment program based on voice recognition.

MasterCard’s imminent transition to biometrics was preceded by Apple Pay’s launching in October 2014 of…

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