Windows 10 Bug Update Already – Plus List Of Cautions

Comfortably Numm

Windows 10 BewareUpgrading to Windows 10? Not so fast, you should take a look at these articles first…

  1. Windows 10 Service Release 1 — After Just One Week. Really, Microsoft?
    Out just a week and already Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 Service Release 1, a fix for all sorts of bugs. Is Windows 10 perhaps not ready for prime time?
  2. 10 Things Windows 10 Failed to Fix or Flat-out Broke
    Will the Service Release fix some of these?
  3. Windows 10 tour: The Good, the Bad, and the Missing
    Microsoft got some things right, but missed on many critical points.
  4. How to Secure Windows 10: The Paranoid’s Guide
    You can take steps toward securing Windows 10 — the trade-off: you’ll lose some functionality.
  5. Windows 10 Hidden Costs
    All sorts of hidden costs — from paying to get full Office functionality to paying a subscription fee to remove ads from solitaire. And, if…

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